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ELPIE -Your partner in electrical business

ELPIE Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company that has been present in the electrical industry in the east of Poland since 1953. At first, service and manufacturing activity of the company was expanded into distribution of electrical materials in the Lublin Voivodeship and neighboring voivodeships. The company’s registered office is in Lublin, with branches in Biała Podlaska, Chełm, Zamość, Hrubieszów, and Puławy. Because of the chain of wholesales companies, the branches provide full service of customers from the electrical industry. Currently, wholesale and retail sale of electrical materials and provision of services connected with this business are the dominant branch of the company.

Our company works with the leading producers of cables and wires, industrial automation, light fittings and light assemblies, electrical equipment and electrical installation materials. As a result, our company offers a wide range of products of high quality at competitive prices.

Our company belongs to the Elektro-Holding Sp. z o.o. Purchasing Group that has been open to companies of a similar profile across Poland since 2007.

ELPIE also specializes in electrical installation works and is a producer of electrical devices: cable connectors, control cabinets, and others.

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Elpie Sp. z o. o.
St. Inżynierska 3
20-484 Lublin, Poland
tel. +48 81 744 26 51